What will you learn in our Zoom Session?

Daily Expectations 

What to expect for every round of recruitment

Resume Formatting 

What to include and not include on your resume and what sororities look for. 


What outfits you should wear on each day/round of recruitment. 


What types of conversations you will be having with the girls in each house on each day.

Tips and Tricks

How to stand out to houses and what questions to ask the girls in each chapter.

Q & A

Ask my anything about my experience going through recruitment and being a recruitment counselor. 

Info about our Zoom Sessions:

  • One-on-one 
  • You pick the day and time of your session.
  • Learn all about sorority recruitment and get some inside tips!
  • Ask any questions you have about sorority recruitment.
  • $50 per session

**Attending our seminar does not guarantee receiving a bid to you top sorority.

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Sorority Recruitment 101