"MacKenzie helped me feel prepared for recruitment. I left our one-on-one session feeling so much more confident and ready to take on sorority recruitment." - Rebecca M.

"I learned so much in my one-on-one session with MacKenzie. I don't have any family or friends who were involved in greek life and don't know much about sorority recruitment in general. MacKenzie answered all of my questions and opened my eyes to exactly what recruitment will be like." - Sydney K.

"When they announced recruitment would be completely online over Zoom I was terrified. I already had no idea what to expect going through normal recruitment, so this announcement caused me a lot of anxiety. I saw MacKenzie's videos on YouTube and scheduled a practice Zoom recruitment session with her. She helped calm my nerves about the whole thing  because I was able to practice the conversations I would have during each round with her. I can't thank her enough for prepping me and giving me the confidence boost I needed for recruitment!" - Sarah G.

"When I saw the video announcing the Sorority Recruitment Survival Kit I knew I had to have one. I did order it before they announced recruitment would be completely online this year and even though I never left my dorm room this kit still came in handy. It was nice to have all of the travel sized items right next to me in my room. And now I have it in my backpack so I have access to emergency items I could need throughout the day. I definitely recommend getting one for recruitment next year. I will probably be ordering another one for when I'm on the other sie

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Sorority Recruitment 101