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Hi, my name is MacKenzie Freder. I grew up in Greenwich, CT and I am a recent graduate of The University of Alabama. During my time at UA I majored in Management and minored in Dance and Theatre. I was also a member of the Nu Beta chapter of Chi Omega.

My freshman year I went through Alabama's sorority recruitment which is the biggest sorority recruitment in the nation! I had no idea what I was getting myself into and had barely any knowledge on the process. At the end of the week I had received a bid to my last choice house. Although I was disappointed, I was also very excited about this new experience. A couple of months went by and I did not feel at home in this chapter. So, I made the decision to withdraw my membership and go through recruitment again the following fall. During this time I did my research and learned how to navigate recruitment like a pro. The second time around I got my first choice house and I am so thankful I did not settle my freshman year. I had the best experience as a Chi O and loved everything about it.

My senior year I applied to be a recruitment counselor where I was given a group of 20 girls to guide through recruitment week. I was there to answer their questions and talk with them about their schedules and voting. This was by far one of my favorite college experiences because I was able to help these girls find their home for the next four years.  

I created Sorority Recruitment 101 to help you get an inside look so you are ready to take on recruitment at your college or university! 

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