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About me

Welcome to the Sorority Recruitment 101 Family!

Hi my future rushees! My name is MacKenzie and I am the founder of Sorority Recruitment 101! I went to The University of Alabama and graduated in 2017. During my time at UA, I was a member of Chi Omega and I loved every second of it! But, my journey to joining a sorority I loved was far from perfect.


My recruitment story goes like this. I am originally from Connecticut and

my senior year of high school I committed to The University of Alabama. I couldn't be more excited to pack my bags and live in a new part of the country for four years! I was looking for that stereotypical college experience which included joining a sorority. In August of 2014, I got to campus as a naive 18 year old who was so excited to be going through sorority recruitment. But little did I know, I was not nearly as prepared as I should have been.

I went into recruitment my freshman year with barely any recommendation letters and no clue as to what it was like to go through sorority recruitment, let alone at The University of Alabama. But recruitment began and I was having the best time! I loved going into all of the houses and meeting the active members. As the rounds went on and my favorite sororities dropped from my schedule I started to become disappointed. I began to look at myself and ask what is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?

Bid Day came around and I was so nervous. I had this one house on my schedule where I didn't feel at home and I had this gut feeling that was where I was going to end up. I took a deep breath and opened bid to find that I was right. I received a bid to a house where I did not feel at home and I again, found myself disappointed. But, all recruitment week you hear "keep an open mind" so, I decided to give it a try. After all, I was still excited to receive a bid to a sorority at Alabama 

Months went by and it didn't get better. I had very few friends and the sorority didn't do much to build the sisterhood. So, I made the decision to rescind my membership and rush again the following fall.

My experience going through sorority recruitment for the second time was SO much better. I knew exactly what to expect this time around and felt way more confident! I applied what I learned from going through recruitment freshman year and received a bid to my favorite house, Chi Omega! I was so excited and couldn't wait to join their sisterhood! What was different? I was prepared. I did my research and figured out exactly what I had to do in order to position myself well for recruitment.

And this is why I created Sorority Recruitment 101! I want to help those who are in the same position I was in, not knowing anything about sorority recruitment. Just think of me as your big sister to guide you and give you advice for your sorority recruitment journey. My goal is to help you feel confident heading into recruitment week! :)

Welcome to the Sorority Recruitment 101 Family!

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